Raquel observing photographers taking pictures of latest property


The Truth About Short Sales & Foreclosures

Many claim that foreclosures are a thing of the past. While it’s true that foreclosure filings have dropped significantly since 2010 (78%), it’s also true that many states, including Florida, saw an increase in “foreclosure beginnings” in 2018...
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Kitchen Trends

I’m sure you’ve noticed how design styles have progressively changed over the last few decades. Dark cabinets and granite counter tops are now antiquated.
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How Credit Affects You

Did you know that your credit can affect where you live, how much you pay in mortgage and even your insurance premiums?
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Because I know…

As a woman and stepmother to four children, I know that your home is much more than a structure located near a specific area of town.
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Oops! It’s 2019!

I spent some time away from all social media platforms, but I’m happy to report that it was time well-spent.
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