Kitchen Trends

In one of my last, educational presentations, I was asked if I had any ideas on upcoming kitchen trends. Given how much I love interior design and decorating, I was delighted to answer!

I’m sure you’ve noticed how design styles have progressively changed over the last few decades. Dark cabinets and granite counter tops are now antiquated. Even the all-white kitchen has taken a back seat. So, what’s on the horizon for kitchen trends, you ask? Take notes.

• Transitional and contemporary kitchen styles are the most popular. The farmhouse style is a close third, (likely due to Chip and Joanna Gaines.)
• Simple, clean lines for cabinets are a must – the shaker remains a popular choice.
• The use of copper accents such as pots, fixtures, hood ranges is big.• Functional, kitchen islands and large sinks seem to be a must.
• Probably the most notable trend is two-tone cabinetry – which happens to be my favorite element.
• It’s time to add color accents, like appliances. Embrace the retro; embrace the black.
• Contrast is important, such as darker floors with lighter furniture.• You shouldn’t be afraid to mix metals. In other words, don’t be afraid to mix (not match) your fixtures, hardwares and accents.
• We’ll see unconventional tones and patterns for floors and backsplashes. (Don’t do both.)
• Open shelves are popular and meant to be functional, too.
• Textured surfaces such as concrete, reclaimed wood and butcher-block are favorites in replacing countertops.
• Grey tones. You should feel free to explore the spectrum of warm greys and cool greys.
• Bonus: using creative storage features (in or outside of the cabinets) and visible spaces for storage and display.

I’d say the key to creating a more timeless look is to stay away from doing too much of any one thing. This should mean you can spend more time enjoying the process of updating your kitchen and less time fretting about adding too much detail.

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