A Chilling Experiences Fit for Halloween

According to Realtor Magazine, “Real estate professionals are a brave bunch.” I have to admit there’s plenty of truth to that. Honestly, if dealing with the intricacies of our industry weren’t enough, we meet with strangers, enter unfamiliar territory and share our information with the world on a daily basis. But in the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, the magazine thought to share a compilation of truly frightening experiences had by Realtors. Some of these are quite horrifying! I’m happy to report that I’ve never faced paranormal activity in a home, but I’ve definitely had a few chilling experiences.

A few years ago, I was performing a site visit at a luxury home that had been foreclosed. I represented the bank and assured them I would perform a follow up visit that particular day. Unfortunately, my schedule was delayed, and so it was dusk by the time I pulled into the porte cochere. Given the circumstances, the power had not yet been restored, so all 10,000+ SF of home and 2.5 acres of land were growing darker and darker by the minute. I figured I should be extra careful, especially since the home had been the subject of a rough foreclosure – not to mention, it sat at the end of a dead end street. Luckily, I thought to grab a weapon from my car…just in case.

The home was enormous. The entrance to the “compound” consisted of double, wrought iron gates that led to an open courtyard with a pool. The main house was accessible by several doors, one of which was close to the main kitchen. Figuring I should be cautious, I closed the iron gates behind me, sealing my fate on the inside. As I walked closer and closer to the main house, I could hear noise coming from within. It was a weird, eerie noise that eventually grew louder as I approached the door. Not knowing what it could be – and, clearly, feeling a little heroic – I decided to enter the home, bearing a weapon in hand. It was incredibly dark except for the areas where the moonlight shone through the windows. I inched forward and roamed for what felt like an eternity until I realized what it was. Someone had been in the home, perhaps to test the appliances, and left the gas stove on! The range was left clicking and clicking… Let’s just say I thanked God that the gas had run out! I was lucky it wasn’t (more) serious.

Being in this industry a while, I’ve heard some chilling, real-life stories of haunted houses and the Realtors who lived to tell them! If you’re up for reading real life stories of haunted houses, then feel free to read up on some twisted stories here:


Old metal gate and full moon

Raquel Ramirez