Rhyme and Reason

Some transactional clients want solutions in *potions,
While others cash in before *Halloween.
To those who live life distracted by *Jack-O-Lanterns,
We remind you that finding a web developer is like *trick-or-treating.

There are people who fight and wage war with their clients
And others who spend time perfecting their skills.
The point is to offer the best kind of service
And, in turn, proudly earn others’ trust and goodwill.

The truth is that some often hide *skeletons
And then wonder why they’re having a *frightful experience.
But if you consult with an attorney about *superstitions,
Don’t be surprised if he refers you to someone who slays *witches.

So, don’t worry, don’t fret or *howl at the moon.
We’re BNI Prestige, and we’ve got a professional for you.

– Yours Truly

These were some of the festive words drawn from a mini cauldron and incorporated in a recent BNI meeting! As the president of BNI Prestige, I enjoy adding details to our meetings to keep them fun and entertaining and relevant to each season. More importantly, I thrive on motivating and inspiring my members and ensuring that their experiences correlate with their desire to build meaningful relationships with other quality professionals.