A Key with a “K”

I recently read a short story about a little boy who found a turtle. The story goes that he picked up the turtle and started to examine it, but the turtle pulled its head and legs into its shell to protect itself. The boy grew upset and picked up a stick to try and pry it open.

The boy’s uncle saw him and remarked, “No, that’s not the way! You’ll never get it to open up with a stick. In fact, you may harm the turtle.”

So, the uncle took the turtle into the house and set it near the fireplace. In just a few minutes, the turtle began to warm up, and as a result, it pushed out its head, stretched out its legs and began to crawl. “Turtles are like that,” said the uncle, “and people are, too. You can’t force them into anything. But if you warm them up with some real kindness, they will more than likely respond to you.” 

I find this story to bear a simple truth, one that is applicable to (both) our personal and professional lives. In a city driven by sales and oversaturated industries competing for clients, it’s hard to find kind gestures and genuine concern.

As a real estate professional, I strive to be kind and educate my customers from a place of humility and real interest in their success.

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Raquel Ramirez