The 25 Most Expensive Zip Codes

We’re fortunate to live in a large and prosperous country with many thriving cities and towns, some of which are notorious for being home to celebrities and business tycoons. For those who have wondered where their city ranks, Forbes published an article listing the 25 most expensive zip codes in America for year ending 2016.

I’m sure it’s no surprise (to anyone) to know that New York, New York grabbed more than a handful of spots on this list, followed by several cities in California and a few in Colorado. But what may pique South Floridians’ curiosity is the fact that Fisher Island came in 23rd followed by Miami in 11th place. Guess which zip code made it to number one…

That would be 33462 – Manalapan, Florida (Palm Beach). 🏆

The island of Palm Beach has long been known for its glitz and glamour that comes from its upscale dining, luxury shopping, exquisite resorts and beautiful mansions. This tree-lined island is also home to Henry Flagler’s former residence now known as the Flagler Museum. Manalapan, the island’s most expensive area, is a small, beachside town that boasts of oceanfront residences at a median price of nearly $8M.

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