The NADP stands for National Association of Divorce Professionals!

I’ve long worked with couples going through divorce, and I’m proud to say that I became a member of the NADP a few months ago! As a member of the LinkedIn community, I was happy to share this update. I received many notices from fellow LinkedIn professionals who wanted to congratulate me for joining the NADP. I’ll admit that the attention I initially received was due to an error – I had mistakenly added my NADP membership status to the wrong section of my profile. Nonetheless, my contacts reached out, and that gave me the opportunity to tell them about this amazing organization. To my surprise, some of those who reached out proceeded to share their thoughts on divorce and encouraged me to continue doing well by others. Here is an example:

“Just really glad to see you are helping others. I recently went through the process, and as a workaholic professional raising two kids, I understand how close to impossible it seems at times. Keep paying it forward; people really need this out there… It’s very difficult as a professional to deal with the mental/emotional aftermath, add parenting and it’s…wow. Wish I would’ve found a source like this.” (L. Dominguez)

As a divorcée myself, I can honestly say I understand. I feel privileged to be in a position where I can utilize my personal and professional experience, my deep knowledge of the industry and my support team at the NADP to help you through this difficult time.

The National Association of Divorce Professionals (“NADP”) is a unique association that unifies professionals who touch on the divorce process to provide them with the opportunity to build strategic alliances via connections and education so that they can better serve their clients. The organization’s mission is “to make a positive impact on the divorce process through our community of high-achieving professionals.” The founders of the NADP are intimately acquainted with the struggles families face during those difficult times. Realizing there was little to no help for those families, they made it their goal to equip those serving in the legal, financial, real estate and mental health spheres with the resources and information they need to better serve others.

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