Thinking of Buying a Home?

Thinking of buying a home…? I love the idea!

But before you decide to jump head first into the process, consider saving yourself some agony by avoiding a few common homebuyer mistakes!

Depending on your own surfing skills to find the right house. While the Internet provides oodles of information and beautiful pictures to accompany that, it’s not wise to assume everything you read is accurate. There are plenty of variables to consider when shopping for a home and few resources you can truly rely on.

Jumping the gun. It’s terribly tempting to search for homes online. And while a savvy and confident agent might encourage that, they will do so only after you’ve been prequalified for financing and confident that you know what it is you’re looking for. It’s easy to fall victim to the torture that is aimlessly searching for a home you have no clue you can even afford…

Not doing your financial homework. It’s easy to assume you have the cash required to purchase a home, but there’s a lot more to buying a house than calculating the down payment required to finance. Closing costs are a thing and they certainly do add up. Add potential repairs, pre-planned projects, furniture, extra insurance and/or move-in costs, and you’re bound to be over budget. There’s also the part of your monthly mortgage expense, changes in taxes and matters of lifestyle you should consider.

Home buying mistakes are common and entirely avoidable! Best thing you can do is to seek a knowledgeable real estate professional you can trust to guide you each and every step of the way.

Trust me… You’ll want to feel at peace throughout this process.